Function TextDrawCreate creates a textdraw. Textdraws are, as the name implies, text (mainly - there can be boxes, sprites and model previews (skins/vehicles/weapons/objects too) that is drawn on a player's screens. See this page for extensive information about textdraws.
  • If you choose values for y that are less than 1, the first text row will be invisible and only the shadow is visible.
  • text[] must not be empty or the server will crash! If you need a textdraw that shows nothing, use " " (a space) or _ (underscore). Now it's fixed.
  • If the last character in the text is a space (" "), the text will all be blank.
  • If part of the text is off-screen, the color of the text will not show, only the shadow (if enabled) will.
This applies ONLY to sa-mp versions before 0.3z:
  • Maximum length of textdraw is 800 characters. Longer text will crash the client in older versions.
  • If you use color codes (such as ~R~ ~G~) beyond 255th character the client will crash trying to display the textdraw.
  • The x,y coordinate is the top left coordinate for the text draw area based on a 640x448 "canvas" (irrespective of screen resolution). If you plan on using TextDrawAlignment with alignment 3 (right), the x,y coordinate is the top right coordinate for the text draw.
  • This function merely CREATES the textdraw, you must use TextDrawShowForPlayer or TextDrawShowForAll to show it.
  • It is recommended to use WHOLE numbers instead of decimal positions when creating textdraws to ensure resolution friendly design.
Keyboard key mapping codes (such as ~k~~VEHICLE_ENTER_EXIT~ don't work beyond 255th character.

(Float:x, Float:y, text[])
float X The X (left/right) coordinate to create the textdraw at.
float Y The Y (up/down) coordinate to create the textdraw at.
string text The text that will appear in the textdraw.

Return Values:
The ID of the created textdraw. Textdraw IDs start at 0.

Default preferences of the textdraw that have just been created:
Parameter Value
Alignment 1
Use box 0
Shadow 2
Outline 0
Font 1
Proportional 1
Selectable 0

// This variable is used to store the id of the textdraw
// so that we can use it throught the script
new Text:welcomeText; 
public OnGameModeInit()
    // This line is used to create the textdraw. 
    // Note: This creates a textdraw without any formatting.
    welcomeText = TextDrawCreate(240.0,580.0,"Welcome to my SA-MP server");
    return 1;
public OnPlayerConnect(playerid)
    //This is used to show the player the textdraw when they connect.

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