Function MovePlayerObject move a player object with a set speed. Also supports rotation. Players/vehicles will surf moving objects.
  • For movement distance, One unit 1.0 object travel distance.
  • If using the rotation parameters, the object must be moved (X/Y/Z). The object will interpolate the rotation from when the objects starts moving and when it stops.
  • The parameters below are for 0.3d R2 and older versions and should be ignored if you run the latest version of SA-MP.

(playerid, objectid, Float:X, Float:Y, Float:Z, Float:Speed, Float:RotX, Float:RotY, Float:RotZ)
int playerid The ID of the player whose player-object to move.
int modelid The ID of the object to move.
float X The X coordinate to move the object to.
float Y The Y coordinate to move the object to.
float Z The Z coordinate to move the object to.
float Speed The speed at which to move the object.
float RotX The final X rotation (optional).
float RotY The final Y rotation (optional).
float RotZ The final Z rotation (optional).

Return Values:
The time it will take for the object to move in milliseconds.

MovePlayerObject(playerid, objectid, 2001.195679, 1547.113892, 10);

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