Function SetActorInvulnerable toggle an actor's invulnerability.
Function SetActorInvulnerable was added in 0.3.7 and will not work in earlier versions!
  • Once set invulnerable, the actor does not call OnPlayerGiveDamageActor.
  • Players will have actor's invulnerability state changed only when it is restreamed to them.

(actorid, invulnerable = true)
int actorid The ID of the actor to set invulnerability.
bool invulnerable 0 to make them vulnerable, 1 to make them invulnerable.

Return Values:
  • 1 - Success
  • 0 - Failure (i.e. Actor is not created).

new MyActor;
public OnGameModeInit()
    MyActor = CreateActor(179, 316.1, -134.0, 999.6, 90.0); // Actor as a salesperson in Ammunation.
    SetActorInvulnerable(MyActor, true);
    return 1;

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