Callback OnPlayerStateChange is called when a player changes state. For example, when a player changes from being the driver of a vehicle to being on-foot.
Callback OnPlayerStateChange can also be called by NPC.

(playerid, newstate, oldstate)
int playerid The ID of the player that changed state.
int newstate The player's new state.
int oldstate The player's previous state.

Return Values:
This callback does not handle returns.
  • It is always called first in filterscripts.

public OnPlayerStateChange(playerid, newstate, oldstate)
    if(oldstate == PLAYER_STATE_ONFOOT && newstate == PLAYER_STATE_DRIVER) // Player entered a vehicle as a driver
        new vehicleid = GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid);
        AddVehicleComponent(vehicleid, 1010); // Add NOS to the vehicle
    return 1;

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