Callback OnPlayerClickPlayerTextDraw is called when a player clicks on a player-textdraw. It is not called when player cancels the select mode (ESC) - however, OnPlayerClickTextDraw is.
Callback OnPlayerClickPlayerTextDraw was added in 0.3e and will not work in earlier versions!
When a player presses ESC to cancel selecting a textdraw, OnPlayerClickTextDraw is called with a textdraw ID of 'INVALID_TEXT_DRAW'. OnPlayerClickPlayerTextDraw won't be called also.

(playerid, PlayerText:playertextid)
int playerid The ID of the player that selected a textdraw.
int playertextid The ID of the player-textdraw that the player selected.

Return Values:
Returning 1/true in this callback will prevent it being called in other scripts. This should be used to signal that the textdraw on which they clicked was 'found' and no further processing is needed. You should return 0/false if the textdraw on which they clicked wasn't found, just like in OnPlayerCommandText.
  • It is always called first in filterscripts so returning 1 there also blocks other scripts from seeing it.

new PlayerText:gPlayerTextDraw[MAX_PLAYERS];
public OnPlayerConnect(playerid)
    // Create the textdraw
    gPlayerTextDraw[playerid] = CreatePlayerTextDraw(playerid, 10.000000, 141.000000, "MyTextDraw");
    PlayerTextDrawTextSize(playerid, gPlayerTextDraw[playerid], 60.000000, 20.000000);
    PlayerTextDrawAlignment(playerid, gPlayerTextDraw[playerid],0);
    PlayerTextDrawBackgroundColor(playerid, gPlayerTextDraw[playerid],0x000000ff);
    PlayerTextDrawFont(playerid, gPlayerTextDraw[playerid], 1);
    PlayerTextDrawLetterSize(playerid, gPlayerTextDraw[playerid], 0.250000, 1.000000);
    PlayerTextDrawColor(playerid, gPlayerTextDraw[playerid], 0xffffffff);
    PlayerTextDrawSetProportional(playerid, gPlayerTextDraw[playerid], 1);
    PlayerTextDrawSetShadow(playerid, gPlayerTextDraw[playerid], 1);
    // Make it selectable
    PlayerTextDrawSetSelectable(playerid, gPlayerTextDraw[playerid], 1);  
    // Show it to the player
    PlayerTextDrawShow(playerid, gPlayerTextDraw[playerid]);
    return 1;
public OnPlayerKeyStateChange(playerid, newkeys, oldkeys)
    if(newkeys == KEY_SUBMISSION)
        SelectTextDraw(playerid, 0xFF4040AA);
    return 1;
public OnPlayerClickPlayerTextDraw(playerid, PlayerText:playertextid)
    if(playertextid == gPlayerTextDraw[playerid])
         SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xFFFFFFAA, "You clicked on a textdraw.");
         return 1;
    return 0;

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