Function GangZoneShowForPlayer show a gangzone for a player. Must be created with GangZoneCreate first.

(playerid, zone, color)
int playerid The ID of the player you would like to show the gangzone for.
int zone The ID of the gang zone to show for the player. Returned by GangZoneCreate.
int color The color to show the gang zone, as an integer or hex in RGBA color format. Alpha transparency supported.

Return Values:
1 if the gangzone was shown, otherwise 0 (non-existant).

new Zone;
public OnGameModeInit()
    Zone = GangZoneCreate(1082.962, -2787.229, 2942.549, -1859.51);
    return 1;
public OnPlayerSpawn(playerid)
    GangZoneShowForPlayer(playerid, Zone, 0xFFFF0096);
    return 1;

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