Function floatcos get the cosine from a given angle. The input angle may be in radians, degrees or grades.
This function name starts with a lowercase letter.
GTA/SA-MP use degrees for angles in most circumstances, for example GetPlayerFacingAngle. Therefore, it is most likely you'll want to use the 'degrees' angle mode, not radians.

Also note that angles in GTA are counterclockwise; 270° is East and 90° is West. South is still 180° and North still 0°/360°.

float value The angle from which to get the cosine.
int anglemode The angle mode to use, depending on the value entered.

Return Values:
The cosine of the value entered.

public OnGameModeInit()
    printf("The cosine from 90° is %f", floatcos(90.0, degrees));
    // Output: 0
    return 1;

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