Db next row


Function db_next_row moves to the next row of the result allocated from db_query.
Using an invalid handle will crash your server! Get a valid handle by using db_query. But it's protected against NULL references.
This function name starts with a lowercase letter.

int dbresult The result of db_query.

Return Values:

// Callback
public OnPlayerCommandText(playerid, cmdtext[])
	// If "cmdtext" equals "/EchoWoetJoinList"
	if(!strcmp(cmdtext, "/EchoWoetJoinList", true, 17))
		// Declare "db_result" and "info"
		new DBResult:db_result, info[2][30];
		// Select the join list of the player "Woet"
		db_result = db_query(db_handle, "SELECT * FROM `join_log` WHERE `name`='Woet'");
		// Do these
			// Store the data of "ip" into "info[0]"
			db_get_field_assoc(db_result, "ip", info[0], sizeof info[]);
			// Store the data of "time" into "info[1]"
			db_get_field_assoc(db_result, "time", info[1], sizeof info[]);
			// Print into the console
			printf("Print join list: Name: Woet IP: %s Date: %s", info[0], info[1]);
		// While next row has been fetched
		// Returns 1
		return 1;
	// Returns 0
	return 0;

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