Db get field


Function db_get_field get the content of a field from db_query.
Using an invalid handle will crash your server! Get a valid handle by using db_query. But it's protected against NULL references.
This function name starts with a lowercase letter.

(DBResult:dbresult, field, result[], maxlength)
int dbresult The result to get the data from.
int field The field to get the data from.
string result The result.
int maxlength The max length of the field.

Return Values:
Returns 1 if successful, otherwise 0 if DBResult:dbresult is a NULL reference or the column index not available.

// Example function
	// Declare "p_name"
	new p_name[MAX_PLAYER_NAME+1];
	// Declare "query" and "db_result"
	static query[60], DBResult:db_result;
	// Formats "query"
	format(query, sizeof query, "SELECT `PlayerName` FROM `spawn_log` WHERE `ID`=%d", spawn_id);
	// Selects the player name by using "spawn_id"
	db_result = db_query(db_handle, query);
	// If there is any valid entry
		// Store data from "PlayerName" into "p_name"
		db_get_field(db_result, 0, p_name, sizeof p_name);
	// Frees the result
	// Returns "p_name"
	return p_name;

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