Db field name


Function db_field_name returns the name of a field at a particular index.
Using an invalid handle will crash your server! Get a valid handle by using db_query. But it's protected against NULL references.
Note: This function name starts with a lowercase letter.

(DBResult:dbresult, field, result[], maxlength)
int dbresult The result to get the data from; returned by db_query.
int field The index of the field to get the name of.
string result The result.
int maxlength The max length of the field.

Return Values:
Returns 1, if the function was successful, otherwise 0 if DBResult:dbresult is a NULL reference or the column index not available.

// Callback
public OnPlayerCommandText(playerid, cmdtext[])
	// If "cmdtext" equals "/getfieldnames"
	if(!strcmp(cmdtext, "/getfieldnames", true, 14))
		// Declare "db_result", "i", and "columns"
		new DBResult:db_result = db_query(db_handle, "SELECT * FROM `join_log`"), i, columns = db_num_fields(db_result), info[30];
		// Iterate from 0 to "columns-1"
		for(; i < columns; i++)
			// Store the name of the i indexed column name into "info"
			db_field_name(db_result, i, info, sizeof info);
			// Print "info"
			printf("Field name: %s", info);
		// Frees the result
		// Returns 1
		return 1;
	// Returns 0
	return 0;

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