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This inclusion comes in the standard windows serer build

List of functions:
  • heapspace: Returns the amount of memory available for the heap/stack in bytes.
  • funcidx: Returns the ID of a public function by its name.
  • numargs: Get the number of arguments passed to a function.
  • getarg: Get an argument that was passed to a function.
  • setarg: Set an argument that was passed to a function.
  • tolower: Changes a single character to lowercase.
  • toupper: Changes a single character to uppercase.
  • swapchars: Rearranges the cell bytes in reverse order.
  • random: Get a pseudo-random number.
  • min: Specifies the smallest of the two numbers.
  • max: Specifies the highest of the two numbers.
  • clamp: Brings the number to the specified range.
  • getproperty: Get a specific property from the memory, the string is returned as a packed string!
  • setproperty: Add a new property or change an existing property.
  • deleteproperty: Delete an earlier set property (setproperty).
  • existproperty: Check if a property exist.

List of callbacks: