Function strcmp compares two strings to see if they are the same.
This function name starts with a lowercase letter.
  • This function returns 0 if either string is empty. Check for null strings with isnull(). If you do not, for example, people can login to anyone's account by simply entering a blank password.
  • If you compare strings from a text file, you should take in to account the 'carriage return' and 'new line' special characters (\r \n), as they are included, when using fread.

(const string1[], const string2[], bool:ignorecase = false, length = cellmax)
string string1 The first string to compare.
string string2 The second string to compare.
bool ignorecase When set to true, the case doesn't matter - HeLLo is the same as Hello. When false, they're not the same.
int length When this length is set, the first x chars will be compared - doing "Hello" and "Hell No" with a length of 4 will say it's the same string.

Return Values:
  • 0 if strings match each other on given length;
  • 1 or -1 if some character do not match: string1[i] - string2[i] ('i' represents character index starting from 0);
  • difference in number of characters if one string matches only part of another string.

new string1[] = "Hello World";
new string2[] = "Hello World";
// Check if the strings are the same
if(!strcmp(string1, string2))
new string3[] = "Hell";
// Check if the first 4 characters match
if(!strcmp(string2, string3, false, 4))
// Check for null strings with isnull()
if(!strcmp(string1, string2) && !isnull(string1) && !isnull(string2))
// Definition for isnull():
#if !defined isnull
    #define isnull(%1) ((!(%1[0])) || (((%1[0]) == '\1') && (!(%1[1]))))

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