.rec file

  • This article is based on the file structure as it is in version 0.3d. It might be different for previous or later releases.
  • All the data was just collected by one person (User:Mauzen), and might be incorrect in some points. For more accurate and detailed results this needs confirmation by other people.

.rec files

The .rec files are SA-MP's files for recorded NPC movements and actions. Normally the files are created ingame by recording a player's actions. Then they can be used by NPC scripts to be played back, so the NPC exactly repeats the recorded actions. Only files in the npcmodes/recordings/ directory can be accessed by NPC scripts, while ingame recorded files are stored to the scriptfiles directory.

General structure

The .rec file format consists of a header, followed by a non-separated sequence of data blocks. Every data block completely describes the player state at a specific moment, and so the NPC's actions are stored fluently. The data is stored as bytes in little endian order. Single data values can be 1, 2 or 4 bytes long, and so either are bytes, shorts, integers or floats in IEEE-754 format. Some should be signed and others unsigned, but it depends on how you are using them and isnt important for the structure itself (the listed signed/unsigned are oriented on their common PAWN usage). Also, to work with .rec files, a hex editor is necessary of course.


File header

The .rec file header got the same structure for both vehicle and on-foot recordings. It is 8 bytes long, where the first 4 bytes are an integer. As it seems it always has the value 1000, probably as a identifier so SA-MP knows it is a NPC recording. The other 4 bytes are another integer, either "1" for vehicle recordings, or "2" for on-foot recordings, so only the lowest bytes of it are in use, the rest is always 0.

Offset* Type Meaning
0-3 integer File identifier, always 0xE8030000 / 0d1000
4-7 integer 1 for vehicle recordings, 2 for on-foot recordings

[*] Offset is relative to the file's beginning

Data blocks

On-foot data

The data blocks of on-foot recordings are 72 bytes long, so offset +72 would refer to the beginning of the next data block. It contains about everything a normal player can do, I just didnt figure out if setting his aimvector is possible, maybe it is done via the quaternions.

Offset* Type Meaning
0-3 unsigned integer time when to apply this blocks attributes [ms]
4-5 signed short left/right key code (e.g. 0x00FF left, 0xFF00 right)
6-7 signed short up/down key code
8-9 unsigned shor tAdditional key code (KEY_HANDBRAKE etc codes)
10-13 float x position
14-17 float y position
18-21 float z position
22-25 float Quaternion component 1 for facing angles**
26-29 float Quaternion component 2 for facing angles**
30-33 float Quaternion component 3 for facing angles**
34-37 float Quaternion component 4 for facing angles**
38 1 byte Health
39 1 byte Armour
40 unsigned byte ID of the current hold weapon
41 unsigned byte Currently applied special action, not all are working with NPCs
42-45 float Current x velocity
46-49 float Current y velocity
50-53 float Current z velocity
54-57 float Current surfing x
58-61 float Current surfing y
62-65 float Current surfing z
66-67 unsigned short Current surfing vehicle ID
68-69 unsigned short Currently applied animation index
70-71 short Some animation parameters, needs some more investigation

[*] Offset relative to the beginning of the data block. [**] The quaternions indeed rotate the character, allowing to put him upside down etc.

Vehicle data

Data blocks for vehicle records are slightly shorter, and just 67 bytes long. I didnt analyize them as much as I analyzed the on-foot data, but already got the most important attributes. All in all the structure is quite similar to the on-foot data.

Offset* Type Meaning
0-3 unsigned integer time when to apply this blocks attributes
4-5 short Vehicle ID (seems not important)
6-7 unsigned short left/right key code
8-9 unsigned short up/down key code**
10-11 signed short Additional key code**
12-15 float Vehicle rotation quaternion component 1
16-19 float Vehicle rotation quaternion component 2
20-23 float Vehicle rotation quaternion component 3
24-27 float Vehicle rotation quaternion component 4
28-31 float x position
32-35 float y position
36-39 float z position
40-43 float x velocity
44-47 float y velocity
48-51 float z velocity
52-55 float Vehicle health
56 byte Driver health
57 byt eDriver armour
58 byte Currently hold weaponID
59 byte Siren state
60 byte Gear state
61-62 unsigned short Trailer ID
62-66 - Unknown

[*] Offset relative to the beginning of the data block. [**] The keys got a strange behaviour, probably this isnt the right order.