This article is about the editor. For the language, see PAWN.

Pawno is probably the most common editor around. It's a very basic editor, which offers exactly what most people need. Features like syntax highlighting, basic run-options and a functions bar which shows the included functions make pawno the perfect editor for people that create small gamemodes or filterscripts, and people that just want to edit some little things in an existing gamemode. Pawno was created by spookie specifically for SA-MP.


  • Compact in size, low memory use.
  • Perfect for smaller scripts.
  • Function list next to your script.
  • Packed with the SA-MP Windows Server.


  • It's unclear for big scripts, hard to find specific things.
  • The editor is very basic and lacks some of the features of other editors.
  • You have to have an Administrator account on Windows Vista for it to run


Pawno is most suited for smaller scripts and for people with low-spec computers due to its low memory use. Other editors should be used for big scripts. They may contain additional features which make scripting easier, such as tabbed projects, auto-complete and spellcheckers.


Pawno is included with the SA-MP Windows Server, which can be downloaded here.