Callback OnRconLoginAttempt is called when someone attempts to log in to RCON in-game; successful or not.
Callback OnRconLoginAttempt was added in 0.3a and will not work in earlier versions!
  • Callback OnRconLoginAttempt is only called when /rcon login is used in-game.
  • Callback OnRconLoginAttempt is only called when the player is not yet logged in. When the player is logged in, OnRconCommand is called instead.

(ip[], password[], success)
string ip The IP of the player that tried to log in to RCON.
string password The password used to login with.
bool success 0 if the password was incorrect or 1 if it was correct.

Return Values:
This callback does not handle returns.
  • It is always called first in filterscripts.

public OnRconLoginAttempt(ip[], password[], success)
    if(!success) //If the password was incorrect
        printf("FAILED RCON LOGIN BY IP %s USING PASSWORD %s",ip, password);
        new pip[16];
        for(new i = GetPlayerPoolSize(); i != -1; --i) //Loop through all players
            GetPlayerIp(i, pip, sizeof(pip));
            if(!strcmp(ip, pip, true)) //If a player's IP is the IP that failed the login
                SendClientMessage(i, 0xFFFFFFFF, "Wrong Password. Bye!"); //Send a message
                Kick(i); //They are now kicked.
    return 1;

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