Function GetServerVarAsString get the string value of a server variable.
This function, as of 0.3.7 R2, is deprecated. Please see GetConsoleVarAsString
Using this function on anything other than a string (int, bool or float) or a nonexistent server variable, will crash your server! This is a bug.
Function was added in 0.3 and will not work in earlier versions!
When filterscripts or plugins is specified as the varname, this function only returns the name of the first specified filterscript or plugin. This is a bug.
Type 'varlist' in the server console to display a list of available server variables and their types.

(varname[], buffer[], len)
string varname The name of the string variable to get the value of.
string buffer An array into which to store the value, passed by reference.
int len The length of the string that should be stored.

Return Values:
The length of the returned string. 0 if the specified server variable is not a string or doesn't exist.

public OnGameModeInit()
    new hostname[64];
    GetServerVarAsString("hostname", hostname, sizeof(hostname));
    printf("Hostname: %s", hostname);

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