Function fgetchar reads a single character from a file.
Using an invalid handle will crash your server! Get a valid handle by using fopen or ftemp.
This function name starts with a lowercase letter.

(File: handle, value, bool: utf8 = true)
int handle The file handle to use; returned by fopen.
int value This parameter has no use, just keep it "0".

{{Param|{{bool]]|utf8|If true, read a character as UTF-8, otherwise as extended ASCII.}}

Return Values:
If succeed, it returns the extended ASCII or UTF-8 value of the character at the current position in the file, otherwise EOF (end of file).

// Open "file.txt" in "read only" mode
new File:handle = fopen("file.txt", io_read),
	// Declare "g_char"
// Check, if "file.txt" is open
	// Read all characters, while ignoring UTF-8.
	while((g_char = fgetchar(handle, 0, false)) != EOF)
		// Print the character
		printf("[ \"file.txt\" ] 0x%x", g_char);
	// Close "file.txt"
	// Error

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