Function CreateExplosionForPlayer creates an explosion that is only visible to a single player. This can be used to isolate explosions from other players or to make them only appear in specific virtual worlds.
Function CreateExplosionForPlayer was added in 0.3z R2-2 and will not work in earlier versions!
Always returns 0 for NPCs.

int playerid The player to get the interior ID of.

Return Values:
The interior ID the player is currently in or 0 if the player is not connected.

public OnPlayerCommandText(playerid,text[])
    if(strcmp(cmdtext,"/int",true) == 0)
        new string[128];
        format(string, sizeof(string), "You are in interior %i",GetPlayerInterior(playerid));
        SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xFF8000FF, string);
        return 1;
    return 0;

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